About US

About US

Brief Introduction to The Eastern Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association and Its Mission

 The Eastern Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association has been established by Turkistani youth who are very well study , faithful and highly educated in Islamic, social, technical and other fields from all over the world including Eastern Turkistan under Chinese occupation.

The mission of our association is to educate and bring up Turkistani Muslims, forming a part of the Muslim Ummah (Nation) and suffering from the unbelievable oppression of cruel Chinese communist regime, living in Eastern Turkistan as well as abroad, by meeting their Islamic, social, cultural, spiritual and earthly needs using all the resources available.

We have decided to fundamentally end the ignorance in Eastern Turkistan which is one of the main policies of the Chinese communist regime there. China has been applying such policies keeping Turkistani people ignorant and uneducated. Consequently, our first slogan is determined to be an education. Then, our enemy is very strong and autocrat, so the solidarity is the most important weapon to cope them based on our needs and Islamic belief.

The Eastern Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association is hoped to be the beam for the salvation of Turkistani Muslims from ignorance and Chinese occupation.

Constitutional Units and Their Mission

Research Desk:

The research department of the association is formed to research and preserve the historical, cultural, and Islamic values of the Muslims of Eastern Turkistan.

In this mission, the dawah (invitation to Islam) and other educational and social activities planned are

  • Research of articles

  • Translation of books (primarily the main source books of Islam)

  • Seasonal and long-term courses

Media Desk:

It will be responsible for

  • Website and other internet-related works

  • Magazine of our association

  • Newspaper of our association

  • Video audio, CD, VCD, DVD etc.

   Ulama (Scholars) Council:

  • Scholars commission for Fatwa

  • Seminars and lectures

Women Wing:

The association has women wing as well. The women wing will participate in all the activities of the association to bring the beam of knowledge to the Muslim mothers and sisters of Eastern Turkistan.

 Social Affairs Desk:

  • The association will try to solve all kinds of social, spiritual and economical problems of Turkistani Muslims.
  • The association will organize seasonal and annual picnic and educational training camps.

Student Affairs Desk:

The association decided to form a student affairs desk to help Turkistani students all over the world. The student affairs desk will provide assistance in the following subjects:

  • To guide and help them to get admission to the educational institutions they are interested in
  • To provide scholarship
  • To provide books and meet other needs.
  • To guide them to the job fields and Islamic works after the graduation; or the association will try to provide a suitable job in their major if available.

Adresi: Ördek Kasap Mah. Millet Cad Gülşen Apt. No: 108 D:5 ÇapaFatih / İstanbul / Türkiye

   Tel: +90-212-523 28 77 Fax: +90-212-523 28 76



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