4th East Turkistan National Unity Council – Final Declaration

4th East Turkistan National Unity Council – Final Declaration

– Bosnia Herzegovina.

4th East Turkistan National Unity Council – Final Declaration – Bosnia Herzegovina.
At a time when the changing world order and the rivalry between the great powers escalated in the international political arena, the 13th World East Turkistan Brotherhood Meeting and the 4th East Turkistan National Unity Council were held in Sarajevo between October 8-10, 2021.
The Council, which aims to take a position in and act according to the changing world situation and to prepare an effective action plan for the East Turkistan case for the next year as the East Turkistan diaspora under the Chinese occupation, was completed with the participation of political leaders, religious scholars, intellectuals, researchers, and various NGO representatives from all over the world.
The 13th Brotherhood Meeting and the 4th National Unity Council held in Bosnia and Herzegovina have historical significance. As the victims of communism and the oppressed people of East Turkistan, who have been subjected to the Chinese persecution for 72 years, we shared the same fate as the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who gained their freedom after long years of struggle and giving many martyrs, established their independent state under the leadership of crusader, commander (deceased) Ali Izzet Begovic, and set an example for the nations striving for freedom.
The 13th Brotherhood Meeting and the opening ceremony of the 4th National Unity Council, which started on the morning of October 9, were attended by more than 120 East Turkistan organization representatives from nearly 15 states, as well as important personalities, opinion leaders, representatives, and diplomats from Europe, the USA, and the Balkans. The Council was held in 8 Sessions in total until the night of October 10. On this occasion, contacts were established with those interested in the East Turkistan issue, and plans were made for future actions.
The issues discussed in the 4th National Unity Council

  1. Comparison of the state-building process in Bosnia-Herzegovina and East Turkistan struggle
  2. The East Turkistan Struggle in the Changing World Order and the last point reached
  3. Western Countries’ China Policy – Threats and Opportunities
  4. The Chinese Policy of the Islamic World – Threats and Opportunities
  5. The situation in Afghanistan and Central Asia and the East Turkistan case
  6. Possible scenarios for China’s future position and change process
  7. The evolution of the East Turkistan case from organization to state level
  8. The next steps to be taken in the East Turkistan case.
    The highlights of the 4th National Unity Council
  9. Exposing the cheats and threats of China in the political system, culture, social values, and international relations, which are completely against universal values and humanity, and to warn the world community.
  10. Cooperation against China with human rights organizations, Islamic movements, and individuals from all walks of life operating in Western countries.
  11. Developing the organizational system of East Turkistan organizations, accelerating professionalization, and strengthening specialized staff.
  12. To gain the support of the Turkic and Islamic world regarding East Turkistan and to warn the Islamic world against the Chinese threat.
  13. Establishing cooperation based on protecting the main principles of the East Turkistan cause and acting together against the common enemy of humanity; Developing cooperation with various organizations and strengthening the working mechanism, regardless of differences of opinion.
  14. To create a spirit of mutual trust, understanding, support, and protection between the Organizations despite all the factors that hinder the cooperation between the organizations.
  15. Turkish and Islamic countries – Carrying out public diplomacy in Central Asia and the Balkans, strengthening the East Turkistan cause in the international arena, and increasing lobbying activities in various languages.
  16. To pay attention to the upbringing and education of the young generation and to strive to provide all kinds of opportunities that are important for the development of qualified youth on behalf of the East Turkistan case.
  17. To always emphasize that the independence of East Turkistan is our indispensable principle and to try to make the world community accept that East Turkistan is the occupied Land.
    The proposals and suggestions were given by the representatives and participants of the 13th World East Turkistan Brotherhood Meeting and the 4th East Turkistan National Unity Council
  18. To come together with the countries and institutions that support China and to invite them to put pressure on China regarding East Turkistan by making use of their diplomatic relations with China.
  19. To use effectively the opportunities arising from the conflicts between China and the great powers.
  20. To learn from the lives of scholars, politicians, and leaders who played a major role in the history of East Turkistan and the struggle for independence.
  21. Activating and giving importance to the role of female strugglers in the East Turkistan case.
  22. To understand the strategic importance of the East Turkistan issue for the powers rivaling China and to take steps accordingly.
  23. Developing new plans and strategies for the Islamic world.
  24. An in-depth study of trade and all kinds of agreements between China and the Islamic world.
  25. To strengthen scientific studies, lobby activities, and civil diplomacy in Arab countries.
  26. To promote the East Turkistan case in the native language of the countries through books, magazines, and other media in order to strengthen relations with the Balkans and Central Asian countries and to increase the understanding of the people of this region about East Turkistan cause.
  27. Proper analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of East Turkistan organizations and seeing different organizations as having complementary functions.
  28. Strengthening cooperation among the people of East Turkistan and increasing Lobbying in Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Russian languages in Central Asia.
    It was emphasized that as the East Turkistan Educational Movement, which hosted the 13th World East Turkistan Brotherhood Meeting and the 4th East Turkistan National Unity Council, hard work will be carried out on the implementation of the decision taken, the proposal presented, and the recommendations.
    In addition, the 13th World East Turkistan Brotherhood Meeting and the 4th East Turkistan National Unity Council were successfully completed after the prayer on October 10, 2021.
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